2024 5th International Conference on Electronic communication and Artificial Intelligence (ICECAI 2024)
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IWECAI 2022 会议回顾

Thanks to the support of experts and scholars! A total of  50 people attended the conference, including 3 keynote speakers and 4 scholars to share academic reports. 


Keynote speaker 1:

Prof. Thomas Canhao Xu

Title:Hardware/Software Codesign of Efficient Deep Learning Algorithms

主讲2-Shuangming Yang.png

Keynote speaker 2:

Prof. Shuangming Yang

Title:Brain-inspired computing towards artificial general intelligence

主讲3-Xiaohui Zou.png

Keynote speaker 3:

Prof. Xiaohui

Title:The Combination of Electronic Communication and Artificial Intelligence and the key Technologies

口头-Wenbang Yang.png

Oral speaker 1:

Wenbang Yang 

Title:A Survey of Local Stereo Matching Algorithm

口头-Xianjing Cheng.png

Oral speaker 2:

Xianjing Cheng

Title:A Survey of Global Stereo Matching Algorithm

口头-Zhuozhuo Zhu.png

 Oral speaker 3:

 Zhuozhuo Zhu

Title:Quantitatively determining the somatic cell count of raw milk

Using dielectric spectra and support vector regression

口头-Xunqiang Gong.png

Oral speaker 4:

Xunqiang Gong

Title:Comparative Analysis of three outlier detection methods in univariate data sets


Group photo


Group photo